Monday, March 27, 2006

Man, am I tired.


Monday again and I'm about ready to fall face forward into the keyboard. It's gotta be the weather.

Since I'm talking about being tired, maybe I should mention that I'm tired of a lot of things -

I'm tired of my house being a eternal construction site. Seriously, it seems that as soon as one area of the house is finished (or near completion) E. starts looking at another area. Kitchen done? Well, let's start on the bedroom! I love navigating the obstacle course of boxes at 06:00 in the dark trying to get to the coffee machine while needing to take a leak.

I'm tired of people coming to my desk and thinking that I have nothing else better to do than to take care of their needs. I guess that the stack of processes and the 237 windows open on my desktop mean that I've got plenty of time to take care of your meeting room request that will turn up nothing because I've mentioned about a thousand times that a week lead time is needed if you want to find anything.

I'm tired of having to clean the catbox every damned day. Kitties - it's Spring, the door is open all night, can't you two shit outside? And while I'm talking to the kitties, quit clawing the frigging orange chair! If you keep your claws out of the orange chair, I won't feel compelled to try to drown you with the tiny water pistol that I keep on the bedside table.

I suppose that it could be a whole lot worse. On with the day!



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