Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Right here, right now....


I've been wanting to publish another wildly intellectual and amusing post but I find that the world seems to throw me topics that are only relevant to me at that second. Being a nice guy, I really don't want to foist stories of my work challenges or marital adventures on anyone - there are a million billion other blogs out there that provide just that sort of content - usually in a much more engaging and interesting format.

But that's just it - that's all that happens to be in my mind right now.
Topics that are only relevant to me at this second.

I can't get my Smartphone to reconnect to my PC. I don't know why - it connects, syncs up, and then disconnects of it's own accord about an hour later. Unless I do a reboot, I can't make it work again.

I have divided my lists into a Excel sheet and a moleskine. Now, I hesitate to use one or the other for fear that I will forget to carry the task or note from one to the other. This means I'm still forgetting shit.

I have a headache. One of those really cool tension headaches that feels like your neck will explode and your disconnected head will roll under the desk. Normally I would stay home and stand under a screaming hot shower for hours but I have a certification interview at 1530 that can only be moved to a later time. Nothing like presenting my new training concept to the certification body while trying not to sweat from the pain.

My armor is not getting built fast enough for me to be ready for the next big event - I try to do it in the evenings but I get bogged down in other shit or the weather keeps me from hammering outside. Weekends always get used up for shopping and cleaning the bathrooms/laundry/kitchen/etc. I can always wear my old stuff but I'll look like baked ass.

None of these things are critical (well, maybe the headache thing) but that is what is dominating my mind - right here right now.

I wish you all clarity of the moment and peace of mind.