Monday, December 18, 2006



Like the title of my post says, I made Christmas cookies over the weekend.

Making cookies is one of those odd things that is very good for the soul and should be attempted at least once a month.The magical equation of simple ingredients combined with warmth go on to create something that makes everyone feel good and be reminded of good times past. I forget who said that "Baking is love" but I believe in my heart that this is the truth.

Baking is also work.

Seriously - after about fifteen minutes of kneading cookie dough with my hands, my forearms began to burn like I was at the gym. If you ever meet a professional baker you will note they all have arms and shoulders like a linebacker from years of kneading dough. Remember how fast and strong Grandma was when she snatched your arm when you were screwing around and she's had enough? That's from making cookies. Here's a little known fact - unless you wear gloves to knead your dough, you are leaving something of your person behind in the dough. Some of you may be grossed out by this fact but it could explain why when you try to replicate a recipe from someone else, be it Mom, Granny, Aunt Nancy, or whoever it never tastes quite the same.

I generally like cooking but I don't bake as often as I would like. The best part of baking is having something wonderful to share with others. Next time you are invited to a dinner, bake a good loaf and bring it along. When your hosts ask the inevitable "where did you get this bread?" you have the satisfaction of knowing that you have created this with your own hands and that your work has gone on to satisfy someone.

I bid you Peace.