Wednesday, July 18, 2007

We don't serve your kind here...


I just read a story from a friend...

That's like the time when I lived in San Jose and was determined to support the local alterna-cafe, rather than the Starbucks cattycorner to it on the Alameda.

One day I went in there and had the audacity to order a BLT (which was on the menu). The pierced and tattooed counter girl reared back in disgust and then told me in a deadpan voice,

"That has meat in it. I don't know how to make a sandwich with meat in it."

I said, "Really? You are being for real?"

"I can't make meat sandwiches." (pointed glare)

"Wow. Okay." (cut to me walking out and never returning...)

I firmly believe that everyone is entitled to follow whatever philosophy, religion, belief, etc that they so desire. I applaud such individuals that have strong convictions on certain topics and that they live their lives within the boundaries of these convictions.

When you force those beliefs on others you have stepped over the line.

I think with the example I stated the first question that comes to mind is "why in the hell do you have this job?" Seriously, if you know that you would be in a position to serve people food that has meat in it WHY DID YOU ACCEPT THE POSITION?!?!? And then to refuse to serve a customer (essentially losing a customer and taking money out of the pocket of your employer) is beyond the pale.

Think meat is murder? Fine - don't try to make me feel the same way! Vegan? Great - enjoy your salad without screaming at me about how my steak is the epitome of animal cruelty!

I have never been able to understand why it is that those with strong convictions always seem to be the ones that rub your nose in it every opportunity they get. Do these people think that their strong arm/guilt-trip tactics will suddenly make believers out of non-believers? Appeal to my sense of morality, my ideas of right and wrong, my intellect but don't try to bash me over the head with your personal philosophy until I "get it". All that will earn you is a lifelong enemy.

Go forth and be well, people! Live and let live.

I bid you Peace,