Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Passion for Grilling


When was the last time that you fired up the grill?

For me, it was last weekend. My girl and I decided not only did we want to put something on the flames but it would be a good thing to invite some friends to enjoy as well. Nothing too fancy - in fact, I grilled nothing more than humble burgers, corn, and potatoes. Stupid easy with superb results. This is what grilling should be - good food, good times, and good company.

Yesterday, I asked myself why is it that I enjoy this so much? Oddly enough, the answer was as simple as it was profound:

Grilling is a way to experience something that grounds us in a tradition that dates back to the dawn of Man, something that marked the advancement of humanity. Cooking over a live fire is the most basic form of cooking, one that most people today haven't the first clue about. In fact, most people have problem cooking in even the most modern of kitchens!

"What about the expensive grill you have, the bag of charcoal, all of the modern implements you use?"

All we're talking about here is a pit in which I set fire to something flammable wood-product with a way to keep my meat from falling into the flames. Sure, it's made of steel - all it does is give me a way of making my pit portable and convenient. Sure, it's nice to have all the good equipment - it makes the end-result that much better - but in the end it's meat over flames.

Go out, fire up your imagination and your grill. I doubt you will regret it.