Friday, November 10, 2006

The Lounge - Updated

*Check out the new updated photos!*


I am of the opinion that everyone should have a Lounge. Not "just like mine" but somewhere that they can go to and be surrounded by comfortable things to be able to pause and enjoy life for a while. Some guys call this their "den" or "cave" but I like the the way the word "lounge" kind of rolls off the tongue. It's a fairly accurate description of what I do there - I "lounge".

Being a dedicate lover of pipes, cigars, and all things tobacco-related, I have a special room in my home all to myself so that I can enjoy my pastime and not bother another soul (particularly the non-smoking woman I married!) I have my bookshelves so that I have immediate access to my books and novels - another of my consuming pastimes. There is NO television! I dislike television as a rule and having some way to watch DVDs and films down there woudl ensure that I would probably never reemerge! There's a small stereo that I can listen to my music on.

The decor is simple, yet refined. I have numerous wooden vitrines lining the walls which hold my books, my pipes and tobaccos, my flotsam and jetsam. Seating is provided by a big dark brown comfy club chair and there is a leather couch for guests and for when I want to take a nap. Lighting is indirect - I have this gorgeous lamp that I simply cannot describe. My pipe vitrine is lighted to highlight my collection. I also have a Lava Lamp. Tables are wicker and wood chests that help with storage. I have a writing desk with a banker's lamp.

About fifteen square meters of tiled, heated, windowed bliss in the basement. No cats wandering in and annoying me (unless I want them to, of course.) No wife wandering in and annoying me (unless I want her to, of course.) My wife respects this space of mine so much that she actually KNOCKS before coming in! Just one of the many reasons I married her.

Here is where I spend time in the evenings, winding down from the stress of the day. A fine pipe, a cup of coffee or sometimes a whiskey, and a book in my hand. No phones, no computer, just solitude.

I hope that you have such a space.




Anonymous said...

She KNOCKS?! Where did you find this angel?

Sounds nice, Jake ... especially the no TV part. I hope to occupy your lounge one day.

Anonymous said...

Oops ... that was Aaron, btw, not some deranged stalker with 'lounge envy'.

Lars Wiberg said...

Inspired by your post, I have created my own little den. It's something I've wanted for a very long time.

The den I've made is by any measurement, very tiny, but it's there.

You will be able to read about it on my blog in the near future

Chris said...

Nice place to relax
and real beauties you have
think I can see some Stanwells and Crowns