Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Those Little Black Books...


Yeah, I know, it's been a while. A few months to be exact.

Well, I'm back at it.

As for the title of this post - those "little black books" I refer to are Moleskines, a product that rises above others mainly through it's simplicity, elegance, and quality. Sure, it's "just a notebook" but if you hold one in your hand, there is a difference that you can immediately feel and see. This isn't one of those cheap-ass 99 cent things that you get from the materials cabinet at work, no sir, it's more like a book. Something that you would feel bad about losing. Something that you would not use as a coaster for that cup of coffee during a meeting. I hope that I've been able to relate to you, dear reader, the feel that you get from having a Moleskine. It is a feeling of holding something of great quality and worth.

Go here: to see how others use their Moleskines.
Go here: to purchase these gems online.

Me, I use mine for my notes and lists. I have a small lined on in my back pocket along with a Fisher Space Pen for jotting down things like To-Do items from my wife or gift ideas. It's an everyday kind of list - nothing of great structure but something I can make freestyle notes in. I have some of the hardbound Large notebooks for work - I have a specific book for my daily taskings and one I use for concepts and ideas. I mark the spines of these with gold paint so I can separate them from my non-work notes.

You'll never want to lose your notebook ever again!



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