Thursday, June 12, 2008

Where was I?

Well, here we go again....

As always, I seem to have this growing desire to blog which lasts for a few entries and then peters out. It's been almost a year this time. Many changes in my life since the last update - both good and bad - which just goes to show that no matter how hard you try to keep things static, life will always throw you a curve ball...

Since it's summer I want to mention that I have the ol' grill out again. Much tastiness coming off the coals as of late. With the EM going on (That's the European Soccer Championship for you North Americans) there's been plenty of smoke and fire from the Weber. For those of you who are grill-challenged or are so sick of bratwurst and pork steaks, try ordering this fine book from Steven Raichlen "How to Grill". Seriously great recipes there that go from the embarrassingly simple to the fairly complex. I know the most of you are saying "But, I already know how to grill!" - let me assure you, you probably don't. I have gone from a Hot Dog Charring Chump to Regional Grill Hero since purchasing these tomes. Well worth the price.

Summer is also the time for ice cream.

I know, ice cream is fattening, high in cholesterol, causes colon cancer, etc but there is nothing better in the world than walking down to my local ice cream parlor and having one of dozens of ice creations with good company. The one close to my house is a family run organization - all Italians who know what ice cream should taste like (They did invent it, after all). They do nothing else: no food, no drinks, no bar, just ice cream. They are neither cheap nor well known for their prompt service but it's ll worth it in the end. This is the kind of place you need to find - no chain stores, no bar and grill - just ice cream, preferably someone local.

Take your girlfriend to the ice cream shop on a sunny day. Buy her whatever she wants. Be a hero in her eyes for the rest of the day. ;)

I bid you Peace,


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