Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bits and Pieces


This little gem kept me busy yesterday.


It is a band that I wrap around my right ankle to keep my chainrings from eating my pants. being that I am a man of great and mighty stature, I find that things designed for your standard stick-legged 50kg German Man simply do not fit me. Plus, I wanted to make one of my very own so that I could have something that stood out.

I used a touch over 6 meters of neon yellow and reflective black paracord (3m each color) and the standard locking 24mm Karlie Dog Collar buckle. The knot I used is the Blaze Bar from J.D. Lenzen. As usual, I got about a quarter of the way through and turned over, only to realize I had been tying it incorrectly. Oh well, only about 30 minutes worth of work to undo. I finished by pulling the running ends through the last two knots on both sides - that way, I could adjust it if necessary.

In use: It worked this morning... this afternoon it slipped down and made an attractive bracelet for my ankle! I just finished putting drops of hot glue on the back to give it a bit more grip. I also think that I wrapped my pants leg around the wrong way and it unfolded. I guess I'll see tomorrow.

As promised - a better picture of my bike!


I went shopping and realized that I said I would take a better pic of the Kalkhoff. I must admit, it's a great bike. Really comfortable and well made.

For those of you who are interested in such stuff, I found a way to attach my Hazard 4 Kato to the rack:


As you can see, I used two Maxpedition TAC-LINK polymer carabiners (the orange thing in the upper left) to attach the bag at the sling points directly to the rack. It works fairly well, although it's a bit of a pain trying to unclip one side at a time and it flops a tad when I go over bumps. This is a temporary solution at best but, hey, a dumb idea that works isn't a dumb idea.

So, that's it for right now. I bid you Peace.


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