Friday, August 10, 2012

You know, this is NOT a food blog!

I just seem to post a lot of delicious creations ;-) Cooking with Anna is one of the highlights of my week and we usually have a bucket of fun cooking dinner. There is an element of surprise, spontaneity, creative process, trial and error, comedy, drama, despair, etc. when cooking together in our submarine-sized kitchen.

Yesterday, we needed to make room in the fridge and get some of our older vegetables out of the way. The answer: vegetable soup.


Chock full of goodness. As usual, we made enough to feed a platoon of starving soldiers so the leftovers will be frozen for another time.

The soup was hearty and very filling. As a soup should be.

Next up: Involtini!


Roulades of pork, rolled with Parma ham, pecorino, and basil pesto. Grilled over charcoal to perfection, smothered in a tomato sauce. Served with a noodle salad and a Rucola salad with tomatoes, Parmesan shavings and a reduced balsamic vinegar dressing.

Our friends did a wonderful job and created a memorable meal! Chapeau...

Moving on: Yufka

Most of my readers outside of Germany will have NO IDEA what this is -


A Yufka is a kind of döner kebap that uses a flat wheat lavash (Turkish = dürüm) instead of the traditional fladenbrot. This is something that I seem to only get in southern Germany - when my girl and I go to the Ruhrpott and I ask for a yufka, the dönerbude guy looks at me like I'm speaking French.

Best eaten with really salty fries and a Coke while standing up. Try not to eat the aluminum foil wrapper...



Anna said...

I already know, what the next entry will be about :-D


Anna said...

Hey, it is time for a new entry, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

yufka or dürüm döner is also very common in northern germany (@least where i live)