Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cool stuff in the mail!


I came home from work to find two really great things waiting for me in the daily post:

First, the new scales for my Victorinox Camper -


Made of G10 fiberglass (glass-epoxy laminate specified for its extremely high strength and high dimensional stability over temperature) the custom cut scales fit perfectly on my Camper, giving it extra grip, an easy to see color, and additionally a pocket clip, making it very easy to wear in my jeans every day.



The fine folks over at Custom Scale Division did a great job of fabricating exactly what I wanted for a fair price. The personnel were easy to talk to and helpful. Communication was great. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Now I have the knife I want on my person at all times!

On to the second cool thing...

I got the newest book from J.D. Lenzen "Paracord Fusion Ties Vol. 1"

I can assure you, if you want to learn how to make cool stuuff in paracord, buy this book! My copy will never leave my hands and shall be well-loved in no time flat.

I bid you Peace,

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