Friday, January 24, 2014

Dutch Oven Stew


Hello my hungry readers! Today I want to quickly document the wonderful stew that A and I made on Sunday using veggies we got in our Biokiste.

I took a kilogram of beef and pork goulash meat and cut it into smaller chunks, rolled it in flour that had salt and pepper and a bit of garlic powder. This lets it get good and crispy and it develops a wonderful aroma that will be important later on.

As you can see, my 12" DO (Dutch Oven) fits perfectly into the cutout in the grate in my Weber grill, making the whole cooking process easier and cleaner.

 photo 5EE1A8F9-C1FB-4B8E-B8CD-59E4D764116A_zpsrczvgtih.jpg

Once I fired up the necessary number of briquettes, I placed them all at the bottom and began to brown the meat. Once the meat was good and browned, I added 2 large chopped onions.

 photo 8067BFE1-73D2-4EF4-8274-AA429F9593D5_zpsllwwkekq.jpg

 photo E5CCA017-A193-4662-968C-376BFBB39A8A_zps6bfqe4rf.jpg

After the onions got glassy, I deglazed the whole thing with a 1/2 liter of El Cheapo red wine (this is where the aforementioned aroma comes into play) and allowed things to cook down a bit. I also added the veggies. Lots of goodness in there like carrots, turnips, celery, Brussels sprouts , and parsnips. I also added a bit of spice and some vegetable broth granules.

 photo CEBFFCC6-DBA1-4446-B0DF-B4FABF135FF3_zpsvszun5t4.jpg

 photo 855DF143-6EA4-4B97-A6DA-DA04959593AF_zpsz7d6ilti.jpg

Veggies added, it's time to put on the lid and let things simmer for a while - 2 hours should do the trick! 7 coals underneath and 14 on top make for the right amount of heat.

 photo 48AF609D-D12E-41C4-8243-AA80C59C8218_zpsnbmey2bd.jpg

I should go wash my hands...

 photo 924C0763-D496-4BF6-8EAA-070977B6122F_zpsfy2vhj0u.jpg

Nothing like a hearty stew on a cold and blustery Sunday evening!

 photo E1863EBA-60C8-482D-83A5-E40BB26891CD_zpst0dvktsl.jpg

I bid you Peace,


Anonymous said...

auch will (:

Anonymous said...

Me want too!

Alisa L said...

I think I'm an old friend of yours from Tempe Arizona and quite pleased to see you (if it's YOU) doing well and cooking some amazeballs food!

Be well,
Alisa Levin