Friday, April 17, 2015

I was on Vacation...


That's right, I took time off of work to refresh my mind and relax. I'm sure all of you noticed that I was gone...

When I have time to myself, I like to go to Heidelberg and spend time on the Hauptstrasse in my favorite café, drinking cappuccino and smoking my pipes.

 photo 0B6B9695-680A-4306-8EE0-D76154452F57_zpsbfi2bn8f.jpg

That's my spot, the table on the left. Close to the door so I can hold it open for people.

 photo EDFA9088-924B-4A57-8101-0FCBBD1B4E87_zpsimdoavpj.jpg

The coffee is the best in all Heidelberg. Well, that's at least my opinion. I do know that the Italians who live there all go there for their espresso, so I take that as a good sign.

 photo 0145CFFA-9481-4A66-885E-BCA7C6048899_zpsdsssfuvx.jpg

The view from my chair...

 photo CB5B4DF5-4769-452D-8F4A-E06233063480_zps25vxwuhg.jpg

 photo AF389BE5-BAA9-485C-874B-97FEA8A3B835_zpsdthpfavb.jpg

As always, I bid you Peace.



Moe said...

I agree, the coffee there is excellent!

Sabine said...

Will have to try Jake ��