Monday, September 25, 2006

Energisch aber Sinnlos


I read somewhere that to be a successful and well-read blogger, you need to make sure that you update your content at least five times a week, if not every day.


Every day.

Problem is, I don't usually have so much to write about - unlike most of the cool bloggers out there, my life is relatively humdrum and no one wants to read about my ongoing adventures in CorporateLand. Another hurdle is that I am not blessed with copious amounts of free time. A good example is my pal Joe over at book of joe (see the links). As an anesthesiologist, he tends to have buckets of time to not only come up with cool things to write about, he has people who assist him in his "cool hunting". Obviously, this makes it a lot easier to have a fresh and interesting blog on a daily basis.

Anyhow, my boss just bought an iPod nano for her travels. Pink. With "music soothes the savage beast" engraved on the back in Latin. I have considered buying such a device, mostly because I have an overwhelming desire to belong to the Apple Elite but I hesitate only because I really do not have the opportuinty to isten to that much music. I also don't download music from the 'net - an expensive and sometimes quasi-legal activity that I would rather not waste my limited bandwith with.

I still think iPod's are still pretty cool though. Meaning that they are probably passé and I should avoid them at all costs to avoid being labeled as such.

The point of all this? There is no point.

But I did update! ;)


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