Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Phone Holder...


Just trying to do my part and make the 'net a more surreal and disturbing experience for the rest of you. No need to thank me - cash donations will suffice.

What was I saying?

My damned handsfree device in my car is acting up. This is most annoying, as my handy (that's "cell phone" for you Americans) is recharged in teh handsfree cradle and I didn't notice that the thing hadn't been charging for a week until I was on the phone with my boss who is in the U.S. Now I have to go to the techies and explain that, no, it ISN'T my phone (I tested it in my colleague's car with his device) and could you please just fix the damned thing!

Another annoying aspect is that it seems like the handsfree pillar for my model of automobile is a temporary solution. Every other car I have seen with the device installed has some sort of permanent anchor while mine is a "fits oddly around the console rendering one of my cupholders useless and flopping about" model. I will bitch to the technicians about this but it will most likely be to no avail.

If I weren't such a goof, I would spend the buxx to get the Bluetooth module for my device and tnen I could use any of my phones and not have to worry about missing a call EVER AGAIN!!!!. Being cheap sucks.

Sign of the times...



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